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Six riding polls reveal PC's in trouble

Abingdon Research has polled six ridings in the Alberta Provincial Election. All six ridings are held by PC MLA’s, and in each one the PC candidate is behind a challenger from an opposition party.

“These riding polls show that if the election were held today the PC’s would lose in all six of these seats,” said Hamish Marshall, Chief Research Officer of Abingdon Research. “They are losing to the Alberta Party in Calgary-Elbow, to the NDP in Edmonton and to the Wildrose in rural Alberta and suburban Calgary. Prominent PC cabinet ministers are on track to lose on Election Day.”

The six polls were conducted in the following ridings:

  • Calgary-Elbow
  • Calgary-Acadia
  • Calgary-Klein
  • Edmonton – Gold Bar
  • Stony Plain
  • Chestermere-Rockyview

“Several of these ridings are very close and each party’s GOTV and last minute efforts could make all the difference,” said Marshall.

The results of the individual polls can be found here.

The polls were conducted on Wednesday, April 22 using interactive voice response technology. The polling was independently commissioned by RackNine as a public service to Albertans.

Abingdon Research is one of Torch's predecessor companies.