In order to shape public opinion you have to measure it. Research shouldn’t be handled separately from the rest of your campaign – it should be at its heart.

We offer all the benefits of a national public opinion and consumer research agency inside of a creative firm.

We help you and your clients make better decisions based on real data. We have provided research-based advice to top decision makers in the corporate and public sectors.

Accurate Surveys

Not all methods of collecting data are equal. We use the best method for your project, not our bottom line.

We use internet samples, live callers, IVR, email surveys and face-to-face interviews all in an effort to get you the most accurate data possible.

Phone Surveys

Phone surveys are still the gold standard in the polling world. We use Canadian callers and perform surveys in English, French, Chinese and Punjabi.

Focus Groups

Qualitative research can provide extremely valuable insights. Understand how people talk about and the issues that matter to you.

We incorporate focus groups as a vital part in any research project.

Tracking Polls

How is opinion evolving over time? Is your message getting through? Need to react before it is too late?

We create innovative, flexible and affordable tracking polls that keep you up to date.

Continuous Community Relations

How a community feels about your project or development can determine its success.

Our Continuous Community Relations approach helps you stay on top of opinion and shape it.

Membership Surveys

Want to know what your membership really thinks? They might not tell you, but they’ll tell us.

We conduct confidential professional membership surveys for organizations large and small.

Psychographic Analysis

How do the opinions and demographics of your targets intersect?

We specialize in building custom physchographic profiles of the customers, voters and audiences you need to reach.

Advanced Targeting

We help you narrow in on the exact groups of people you need to persuade.

We can find out what they think, what they care about and how you can communicate with them on the issues that matter.