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Poll: Albertans react to proposed carbon tax

Torch polled 452 Albertans on their views on the NDP government's proposed carbon tax. The results were not good news for Rachel Notley's government.

The poll was conducted for the Rebel. We asked six questions - the highlights are below:

  • 23% say the Alberta NDP government attitude to Alberta's oil and gas sector is very hostile. Another 20% say it is moderately hostile. While only 24% say it is friendly.
  • 44% say the NDP government has no mandate to bring in the $3 billion carbon tax that was not in their election platform
  • 47% say the NDP should hold a referendum on bringin in the proposed carbon tax
  • 64% believe the carbon tax will keep growing after it hits the publically declared limit of $5 billion
  • 55% believe that shutting down coal-fired power plants will drive up the cost of their power bills
  • 43% say the real goal is raising more revenue for the government, while only 33% say it is to combat climate change

You can see all the results in detail here.