No TransLink Tax book is an Amazon Bestseller

Hamish Marshall, Torch's President, teamed up with Jordan Bateman to write a book about how they defeated all of Vancouver's elites and vested interests in the TransLink referendum. That book, Everyone... but the People, just hit number 7 on Amazon Canada's best seller list.

Published just three days ago the book climbed the sales rank to end up at number 7 out of the hundreds of thousands of books for sale on Amazon Canada.

You can buy your own hard or kindle copy here.

The book is the story of how a tiny grassroots campaign, with no money, behind the polls won an upset victory against the establishment who outspent them 175 to 1. The elites thought they had it all in their campaign to impose Canada’s first municipal sales tax on the people of Metro Vancouver. A $7 million, taxpayer-funded war chest. More than 150 organizations endorsing the plan.

Virtually every mayor, councillor and provincial politician on their side. Business groups, unions, environmentalists, and academics, all grinding the public to accept the sales tax and funnel $250 million more a year to TransLink, the bloated regional transit bureaucracy famous for wasting money.

On the other side stood the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, with less than $40,000, and its clever, populist No TransLink Tax campaign. Led by Jordan Bateman and Hamish Marshall, the NO campaign hijacked the elites’ campaign strategy, pushed the professional political class off message, and equipped thousands of supporters with the facts about TransLink and the tax.

It turns out the elites had Everyone… But the People. A vital book for political campaigners, advocates, or anyone who wants to understand how to win.

You can buy your own hard or kindle copy here.