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Majority of Canadians say security screening of refugees is impossible

A Torch poll of 1,509 Canadians found that 58% did not think it was possible for 25,000 refugees to be security screened after they come to Canada. Additionally 66% of Canadians feel that Prime Minister Trudeau should not endanger the security of Canadians just to keep an election promise.

The people who are most to believe it is not possible to security screen 25,000 refugees after they come to Canada are:

  • People between 35 and 54: 62%
  • People over 55: 63%
  • People making more than $100,000: 62%
  • People with a high school education: 64%

The groups are who are the most likely to believe that it is not prudent for Prime Minister Trudeau to be endangering the safety of Canadians just to keep an election promise are:

  • People aged 35 to 54: 69%
  • People with a high school education or less: 73%
  • Francophones: 77%

The poll was conducted for The Rebel, you can see all the details here.