We're the award winning integrated research, creative and digital agency.

An Integrated Agency

We're a modern, full-service agency that exists to better drive your message, company, candidate or cause in an increasingly digital-centric world.

We combine insightful research, brilliant creative and intelligent technology with a deep knowledge of public affairs and political communication.

We give you the benefits of an in-house marketing department without the expense.


Research shouldn’t be handled separately from the rest of your campaign – it should be at its heart.

We offer all the benefits of a national public opinion and consumer research agency inside of a creative firm.

We help you and your clients make better decisions based on real data. We have provided research-based advice to top decision makers in the corporate and public sectors.

Our Research Services
  • Phone Surveys
  • Online Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Tracking Polls
  • Membership Surveys
  • Continuous Community Relations
  • Psychographic Analysis
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Media Placement


Good creative is the ultimate competitive advantage. It's the secret sauce that sets your campaign apart from the competition.

At Torch crafting brilliant creative is not just a job. It is our life's work.

We do this because we love it and are personally connected to everything we create. That passion and investment is what drives us from the elegance of the creative concept to the precision of its execution.

Our Creative Services
  • Television Ads
  • Radio Ads
  • Print Ads
  • Branding & Logo Development
  • Trade Show Kits
  • Business Marketing Materials
  • Web Videos
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Share Graphics
  • Book Publishing


Digital is in our DNA – we started online and it is at the core of most of our offerings. And that means we believe in creating lasting value rather than disposable digital marketing.

We focus on building mobile-ready products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand and the web.

We work closely with our clients to make sure they're making the best use of their digital tools, from websites to apps to social media and more.

Our Digital Services
  • NationBuilder
  • App Development
  • Web Development
  • Internet Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Measurement & Analytics